Declan Barry

Current / Previous Job
• CEO, ExportExplore Limited • CEO, Agile Growth Systems Limited
Date Joined Board
Other Boards / Positions
Authorised Trade Representative to UK & Ireland, Pennsylvania Authorised Trade Representative to UK & Ireland, Delaware Authorised Trade Representative to UK & Ireland, Oklahoma
Strategy and Risk Sub Committee

Why did you decide to become a Board Member of Antrim Enterprise

Antrim is an incredibly important region within the Northern Ireland economy, and one which going to contribute most in our transition to a modern, vibrant economy. If I can play a small part in supporting the entrepreneurial journey of companies in the region, that will be a privilege.

For anyone considering starting up what advice would you have for them?

Establish what you are good at and what you would enjoy doing and double down on that. Entrepreneurship is a tough path, but if you do something you love it is a little bit easier.

What are the main issues and barriers facing developing businesses today?

Financial education is the primary barrier to entrepreneurship, by that I do not mean big issues like investment or acquisitions – I am referring to personal planning, avoiding personal debt where possible and creating the breathing space to allow a new business to grow into profitability. Learning to live off rice and beans while you grow your empire.

Life outside current job/position on AEA board

I have been very lucky that my career has allowed me the opportunity to work globally, and experience things I never would have imagined growing up. As a father of two young children my wings have been clipped as regards travel and most of my free time now is spent having imaginary cups of tea and building lego. Otherwise I am volunteer supporting local GAA clubs, coaching young players.

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