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Did you know that every 25 minutes, someone, somewhere, starts a new business.  People become entrepreneurs for various reasons.  It could be a change in their personal situation such as divorce or unemployment or it could be the availability of resources for example a new idea or money.

After graduating from University, local entrepreneur, Ethan Savage was finding it difficult to secure work as he did not have the required years of experience that employers were looking for.  Instead he set  up his business ES Visuals.

Gabriella Weatherhead, from Antrim decided to combine her love for textile design and nature and plant to set up Leaf Alkemy



Venturing out on your own is unlike any other job – it is a journey, a once in a lifetime decision.  You are responsible for your own future.  Would you employ yourself?  After all, you are the most important ingredient in your business!

Common traits of an entrepreneur include:

  • All-rounder – the ability to adapt to various roles
  • Ability to bounce back – to be persistent and confident
  • Innovative – have a can-do approach
  • Results driven – satisfaction in setting and reaching business goals
  • Risk taker – take calculated risks
  • 110% committed – a lot of hard-work, energy and total commitment is required.

Advantages of Self-Employment

  • Independence
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Achievement and Success
  • Personal Development
  • You can’t be fired!!! [or can you??]

 Disadvantages of Self-Employment

  • Isolation
  • Long Hours
  • Unreliable Income
  • Support and Expertise
  • Financial Considerations

So if you think you have the characteristics that will make you entrepreneurial and have reviews the pros and cons, then the next step is to make the decision!!  We’d suggest in an ever competing market place that  you choose what your niche will be and narrow it down.  Remember you are in business to provide a product or service to solve someone’s problem.  Be specific as to who your target market is.  Next you want to develop your business plan – your blueprint for success.

As we have discussed above, self-employment brings many advantages and disadvantages, but the one thing you can look forward to is reaping the rewards once things get going.  And Antrim Enterprise is here to help and support you.

Dearbhla McCann, Creeve Lane Studio states that the coaching she received from Antrim Enterprise  “provided me with valuable insights on how to market my business effectively. I now feel much more confident in using various tools and platforms to promote and grow my business online.”

Get in touch with one of the business support team to discuss your blueprint for success: or

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Jennifer McWilliams
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Jennifer McWilliams

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