We’re expanding the team

And at the same time elevating support for local entrepreneurs

Antrim Enterprise is gearing up for a major expansion that’s set to revolutionise support for local entrepreneurs. Since 1991, this vibrant agency has been the cornerstone of business support in Antrim and Newtownabbey.

More People, More Impact

Antrim Enterprise is on a mission to double its team size by 2025!

By building on the current expertise, the organisation can boost their capacity to provide amazing support to entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

Be the Future of Antrim Enterprise 

The enterprise centre is excited to announce the creation of several key roles:

Hub Coordinator (Vacancy ID: 1628880): The heartbeat of the Town Centre Hub, this role ensures a warm welcome and smooth operations, from managing daily tasks to enhancing our online presence.

Business Development Manager (BDM) (Vacancy ID: 1628888): The talent behind strategic partnerships and funding, making sure the wheels turn smoothly while keeping an eye on the financial pulse.

Business Advisor (Vacancy ID: 1628894) & Business Advisory Support Officer (Vacancy ID: 1628896): These guides are the navigators, mentors, and networking champions, offering tailored support at every step of the entrepreneurial journey.

Facilities and Health & Safety Coordinator (Vacancy ID: 1628899): This dedicated individual will be maintaining safety, security, and top-notch facilities across all sites, ensuring a comfortable environment for everyone.


 Join the Team!

If you’re dedicated to supporting local businesses and fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, this could be your perfect fit!

Find out more about the roles on Job Centre website

Jennifer McWilliams
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Jennifer McWilliams

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