International Women’s Day 2022: Showcasing Devine Design

Introducing Charlene Devine of Devine Design on International Women’s Day

Devine Design is an Antrim based design agency established in 2008 offering High quality digital, litho and large format printing. Combined with web design, photography and merchandise it makes us your only stop!

We believe that good design really does make a difference to your business. It can create a powerful public image that helps you to sell your product or service before you’ve even met a customer in person.


From a very young age I always had an interest in art and drawing so it was a natural progression to pursue a career in the visual arts. When I graduated from the University I started as a junior designer in a publishers in Belfast. I was there for 8 years and worked my way up to production director, working mainly on large publications for the Irish Tourist Boards. In January 2008 I moved to another design house working more with the general public, which give me the confidence to make the jump out on my own, so in June 2008 Devine Design was established.

I would say the biggest challenge of running your own business is trying to do everything, there are so many plates to keep spinning and ultimately all responsibility lies the you. Saying that though it is worth every headache, I have immense pride when I see my work being used far and wide.


Our biggest achievement to date has been working with a social enterprise company called Fresh Minds Education, knowing that the work we produce helps children and adults with there emotional well being and that it is having a great impact is something that I feel very passionate about. We won 2 awards last year in the Irish Enterprise Awards and the Northern Enterprise Awards, and I have just found out we have also won Best Design & Print Agency – Northern Ireland, Irish Enterprise Awards 2022.


The only piece of advice I would give anyone wanting to start their one business is DO IT! You will never know until you try. Also take all help and advise offered as its not easy but it is definitely worth it. There are many advantage to being your own boss, one of which is being able to bring my very needy pug to work, he is a favourite with most clients lol


There would be 2 women that inspire me, of course my Mum who simply never stops, she is always on the go and if something needs done, well it gets done! The other is my best friend Maggie, she puts her heart and soul into every job she does, no matter how many knocks she get she just get back up and get on with it again. She is definitely the one that keeps me sane and helps me wind down after a crazy week. You will usually find us with a wee cocktail in hand watching the rugby or possibly chilling on a campsite. I’m very blessed to have a great family network of support through all aspects of my business and personal life which makes it possible to do what I do!


#IWD #BreaktheBias

Jennifer McWilliams
Written By
Jennifer McWilliams

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