International Men’s Day 2022: Niraj Kapur (LinkedIn Top Voice & Coach)

In celebration of International Men’s day, we interviewed business mentor, coach and trainer Niraj Kapur: LinkedIn Top Voice & Coach. Niraj works to help people improve sales and results through LinkedIn. He teaches in a way that is easy to understand, implement, and keep accountability moving forward.


How did you get into this profession?

I spent 23 years working in London before returning to Northern Ireland. The corporate world had become cold and ruthless, and I wanted to add humanity back into business.


What is your biggest challenge running a business?

Competitors are not just local, they’re worldwide and there’s more of them every day.


What advice do you have for men thinking of starting a business?

Plan heavily and have 12 months cash set aside. Surround yourself with people smarter than you. No matter how much you know, you don’t know everything. If you can leverage LinkedIn the way I have, you will have a successful business.


What has been your greatest achievement today?

Turning my life and business around after losing everything in lockdown.


What men inspire you?

Tony Robbins. I spent 4 days at his event, and it was life changing for my mindset.

Bruce Springsteen for his music and charity work.

Abraham Lincoln for his integrity


How do you wind down and relax?

I attend food markets all over Northern Ireland to support local business. I also promote them for free on Instagram stories.


What mental health challenges have you had with your own business?

In lockdown, my clients had no money to spend. I still had to pay my mortgage and support my daughter in her final year at university. No savings were left after my divorce, and I was alone in lockdown. That will mess anyone up and I suffered emotionally and financially.


How did you overcome it?

I decided to get off social media and stop compare comparing myself to others.

I learned to get rid of negative people in my life.

I saw what successful people were doing and learned from them.


What advice do you have to men struggling?

Ask for help. There’s never any shame in it. Be open to change. Stubbornness isn’t always the answer. Take breaks from social media and staring at your screen.

Invest in a coach. Take care of your physical health. Avoid anger, jealously and self-pity. Spend more time in nature.

We’re so lucky in Northern Ireland to have so many areas of beauty.

Jennifer McWilliams
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Jennifer McWilliams

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