International Men’s Day 2022: Aaron Hughes (AH Auto Services)

International Mens Day: Aaron Hughes

In celebration of International Men’s Day 2022, we interviewed our tenant Aaron Hughes of AH Auto Services. He specialises in custom stainless steel exhaust fabrication and automotive servicing, repair, and modification. If need a hand with exhaust for your car, Aaron is your guy.


How did you get into this profession?

Working on cars has always been a hobby of mine. I was always interested in cars. What start as a hobby became a part-time, and then, full-time job with a shop for about 12 years. When the shop had closed, I decided to go out on my own.


What is your biggest challenge running a business?

Owning your business can have many difficulties. The biggest one if probably just the daily grind that it can become. There is always that small bit of fear or uncertainty in the back of your mind. It’s not as easy as some people may think but, if you are passionate about what you do it makes it worth it.


What advice do you have for men thinking of start a business?

You only get out what you put in it. If you can keep the head down and try not to spend so much energy worrying about the many things you can’t control, you will be ok.


Do you have any people that work alongside you in your business?

My son also helps me out. He’s just as interested in working with cars. He really enjoys fabrication work.


Are there any vehicles you’ve worked on that you are particularly proud with?

A friend and I worked together on a camper van for my wife some years ago. He did a lot of the wood work in side and I did some work on the outside. That was a fun job!

I’ve had the opportunity to work on some race cars as well as a tractor or two. I enjoy it all!


When you are not busy at the garage, how do you wind down and relax?

Believe it or not… I work on my own cars at another garage in Ballyclare. I suppose when I’m not working on cars I enjoy fishing as well.

Jennifer McWilliams
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Jennifer McWilliams

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