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How to resolve a workplace grievance

During this Opal People Solutions interview on workplace grievances, Louise gives an insight into how a fair and consistent Grievance Procedure can help resolve conflict and disputes at work.

🌟 Do you have a grievance procedure in place which you can follow should one of your team raise a grievance?
🌟 What should you do if an employee raises a grievance?

If an employee has a concern or complaint about something or someone at work, they may raise a formal grievance with their employer in order and try to remedy the issue. Many grievances can be settled on an informal basis, especially if it is dealt with at an early stage. If this is not practicable, an employee can choose to invoke the formal grievance procedure. Failure to address issues can have serious consequences, both for the individual as well as the Organisation.

Louise begins by stating; “If an employee is unhappy in the workplace, I would recommend that you deal with it immediately. Generally speaking when an employer becomes aware, it is at a low level and it can be resolved but unfortunately too many people think it will just go away and resolve itself. In my experience, if this is the case, it generally escalates into something much bigger and then becomes much more difficult to resolve.”

Throughout this video Louise highlights the significance of any allegations made against an employer, or against a colleague, must be thoroughly investigated, and those chosen to perform such an investigation must be acutely aware of the sensitivity of the situation as well as the possible risks of their actions.

Failure to investigate a grievance places an employer at risk being challenged at tribunal, most commonly as constructive dismissal. Other common potential proceedings into a claim on equality grounds or unfair deduction from wages.

In this video Louise covers:

✅ The employees right to raise a grievance at any point during their employment.
✅ The LRA/ACAS Code of Practice and practical guidance on how the employer can correctly and fairly deal with a grievance.
✅ Reviewing the internal grievance procedure
✅ The investigation process
✅ The Grievance Hearing
✅ The Outcome

Opal People Solutions can offer the following services in relation to grievance procedure and processes:

🔸 Drafting grievance policies and procedures
🔸Advising on how to conduct a grievance
🔸Independently supporting the manager through the process
🔸Supporting in the decision making in respect of the outcome
🔸Drafting associated outcome letters
🔸Ensuring correct record keeping of grievance hearings / investigation meetings

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Jennifer McWilliams
Written By
Louise McGeady
Opal People Solutions

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