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Employee Handbooks and HR Policies and Procedures.

Are Company Policies & Procedures or Company Handbooks a legal requirement?
What Policies & Procedures should you include in an Employee Handbook?
Do you need a Company Handbook or or will some stand alone policies suffice?
How should you issue Policies and Procedures to?
How often do we have to review your Policies and Procedures?

Founder and Principal HR Consultant, Louise McGeady, explains how policies and procedures can add real value to your organisation.

During this Opal People Solutions interview video series, Louise also gives an insight into how important policies and procedures are and what key elements need to be included.

Louise begins by stating; “Depending on what your requirements are, there are some basic policies that I would recommend all employers have and sometimes I take the view that you’re better off having a policy from the start as opposed to needing it later.”

In this video Louise covers:

✅ The Need for Applicable Policies & Procedures
✅ Addressing common workplace concerns such as attendance, disciplinary action, and grievances.
✅ Promoting organisational effectiveness, establishing legal compliance, establishing fair and consistent employment practices, communicating to your employees what is expected and conveying your corporate culture.

Many employment-related cases are the product of defective, outdated, or non-existent written organisational policies and procedures. Risk can be efficiently handled by organisations of all sizes and types by creating and enforcing sound policies and procedures.

Opal People Solutions can update your existing policies and procedures, in line with changing business or legislative needs, as well as generating those policies or procedures that are unique to your operations.

To find out more about the importance of Policies & Procedures, and much more including Contracts of Employment and HR Templates, watch our series video interview with HR Consultant Louise McGeady on Opal People Solutions YouTube channel. Subscribe to stay updated.

Jennifer McWilliams
Written By
Louise McGeady
Opal People Solutions

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