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Third Day Coffee


In the heart of Antrim, a vibrant and spirited coffee culture has found its advocate in Liam Thompson, the driving force behind Third Day Coffee and Never Worry Coffee Roasters. With a passion that simmers like a freshly brewed cup of espresso, Liam’s journey from barista to entrepreneur has brought a unique blend of Australian coffee culture and Northern Irish charm to his establishments.


Four and a half years ago, Antrim became home to his dream-turned-reality, Third Day Coffee. Positioned on Antrim’s main street, Third Day Coffee aimed to infuse the artisanal coffee scene that Liam cherished from Australia into the local community. A conviction that quality coffee deserved as much attention as great food drove his endeavour. This commitment to excellence extended beyond the coffee cup, with breakfast and lunch options, handmade buns, and traybakes crafted with equal care.


Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Liam’s love affair with coffee began Down Under. Sydney became the canvas for his exploration of the art of coffee-making. The coffee shops of the city resonated with him so deeply that they even played cupid, introducing him to his future wife. Upon moving to Northern Ireland, his passion persisted, leading him to work in various coffee establishments and manage a café at his church. His path diverged momentarily as he ventured into selling cordials, but the magnetic pull of coffee was unrelenting.


“We have a deep conviction that equal effort and attention should be given to coffee as is high quality food. We take our coffee as serious as every other aspect of our service.”


Yet, the narrative hasn’t ended there. A new chapter for Liam has emerged with the birth of Never Worry Coffee Roasters located in Antrim Enterprise’s Business Park. The logical next step in his pursuit of coffee excellence, the roastery has begun to supply Third Day Coffee while also making its mark in the wider coffee aficionado community. It’s a testament to Liam’s entrepreneurial spirit that he envisioned and implemented an entire chain – from cultivating the coffee bean to delivering the perfect brew.


What sets Liam apart isn’t just his love for coffee; it’s his devotion to the café culture and the connections it fosters. Third Day Coffee is more than just a business; it’s a hub for community, conversation, and camaraderie. Liam’s dedication to service and his penchant for creating an atmosphere where people can relish not just coffee, but moments, sets his establishments apart.


“I love cafes and working with people. Even on my days off, I would enjoy going to coffeeshops with friends. This love for coffee shops and the community that they promote is a big reason why we opened Third Day Coffee. I enjoy making people happy and pleasing people with our service.”


Liam’s passion for coffee isn’t just evident in the cup; it’s woven into his ethos. His commitment to learning and growth is evident through his mentors – experts in coffee roasting and business strategy – who guide him along this journey. His willingness to embrace their insights underscores his humility and his determination to continually refine his craft.

Third Day Coffee and Never Worry Coffee Roasters don’t just fill a gap in the market; they’ve created a niche of their own. In an age where specialty coffee is on the rise, Liam’s establishments stand as a beacon of quality and commitment to the craft. As the only artisanal coffee shop in Antrim, they’ve become a destination, drawing coffee enthusiasts from near and far.


“When we first set out to start Third Day Coffee, our focus was always on the quality of our coffee and how we prepare and brew it. This was less about following a trend and more about me bringing my convictions about coffee culture and community that I grew up with in Australia to Northern Ireland.”


Through the years, Liam’s sites a few accomplishments that he is proud of. The enduring reputation Third Day has built over four and a half years, even in the face of challenges like COVID-19, speaks volumes of his leadership and the dedication of his team. The recent addition of Never Worry Coffee Roasters to Antrim Enterprise solidifies his brand’s presence and offers a glimpse into a promising future.

Liam’s journey imparts valuable lessons, especially the art of collaboration and communication. He underscores the importance of teamwork, recognizing that success isn’t just about him – it’s about creating an ecosystem that thrives on shared goals and vision. His adaptability, openness to feedback, and relentless pursuit of improvement reflect his dedication to both his craft and his customers.


“I have learned that you need to be able to take feedback and be willing to change your mind on things. My staff will have insight to things that are happening that I cannot see so I need to be able to take on feedback, reflect and make the necessary changes that are best for us as well as the customer.”

Liam also mentioned the important of building a good network when running any business, sighting the importance of relying on connections to help with elements of his business that require a specialist touch or simply insight for greater efficiency.


“Because I am not from Northern Ireland, I have had to rely heavily on my connections and networks to make this dream of owning and running a coffee shop a reality. I find that networking is crucial for getting things done well. The temptation for small business owners can be to try and do everything yourself, unfortunately this usually leads to nothing getting done. Running a business is bigger than just you and it takes others to make it work.”


So, where does Liam envision Third Day Coffee and Never Worry Coffee Roasters in five years? The ambition is to expand the roastery’s reach, introducing more coffee enthusiasts to the fruits of his labour. Liam also aspires to open more coffee shops across Northern Ireland that share the same conviction has his current businesses.

Amidst the hustle of running a coffee shop and roastery, Liam doesn’t lose sight of the importance of self-care. He recognizes that his own well-being is intertwined with the health of his ventures. His commitment to exercise, balanced nutrition, and quality family time underscores his holistic approach to life and business.

“Managing my own health and wellbeing is crucial. You can’t run a business properly if you are not healthy. I intentionally take the time to exercise and eat appropriately.”

Liam Thompson’s journey is a tribute to passion, dedication, and the profound impact one individual can have on a community. Through Third Day Coffee and Never Worry Coffee Roasters, he’s not just serving coffee; he’s brewing connections, one cup at a time. As the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans envelops Antrim, Liam’s story continues to inspire, reminding us of the power of a dream and the beauty of turning it into reality.

Liam Thompson

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