Case Study

Rosemary Hood

I retired just over 2 years ago but had been working with flowers for almost 30 years as I had a real passion and interest in them. I started with floral art, went along to range of different demonstrations and started at JK Nurseries in Donegore as well as Greenmount and just loved being surrounded by beautiful flowers.

Rosemary Hood

Why I came on the Exploring Enterprise programme

My friend introduced me to the Programme and I thought it would actually be good for me too. I wanted my flowers to be more than a hobby as I was now retired, had the extra time and wanted to earn some extra money from something that I love to do. I also wanted to find out about the whole finance side of the business as although I had experience in previous employment, I knew it would be different when it came to my business.

How the Exploring Enterprise programme helped me

The programme has helped me focus on the business side as it has been a hobby for so many years. I now see the importance of pricing and how to get it right which has been really good for me. It has also given me more clarity which is what I needed.

Key achievements from the programme

For me it has been a mixture of things. Refreshing and updating my skills, concentrating on my business finances and making me realise what I need to do to make it into a profitable business.

Where am I now

I am now running my business part time and have secured a range of floral art work, all from word of mouth which has really motivated me.

How I found the support from Antrim Enterprise

Although I have over 40 years of management experience, doing it for myself was a completely different experience and the support I received from Kerry was great, I could not speak highly enough. The
course was excellent and covered all the key things that I needed.

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