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Millstream Alpacas

After taking early retirement from Tesco Distribution after 23 years I decided now was the time to start a new business.

I had previously ran my own business back in the 1990's but unfortunately had to close it down so when I retired I knew that I wanted to reignite the passion so that is what I did.

It all started back in 2018 when I was watching Countryfile as they were featuring alpacas. I got a real insight into these wonderful animals and they intrigued me so I started to do some research and then took the plunge and got my own herd and am now in the process of setting up Millstream Alpacas, selling alpaca manure and offering alpaca experiences.

Jane Kidd

How beneficial was the Exploring Enterprise Programme to you

The programme was very beneficial as it refreshed my skills and knowledge of what is involved in setting up your own business as so much has changed since the last time. I learnt so much about sales, marketing, operations, finance and business planning.

My key achievements from the Programme

I feel I have achieved so much and am now more confident in all areas of my business and feel I can now take what I have learnt and apply it to my business.

Another achievement was receiving my OCN Level 1 Certificate in Understanding Business Enterprise

Where I am now

I am currently working with CAFRE/DEARA regarding my alpaca manure and have also set up my business Facebook page and am in the process of developing all relevant systems and procedures.

How I found the support from Antrim Enterprise Agency

Absolutely brilliant. My mentor Kerry has helped me from the start of the programme to where I am now. She was very helpful and pleasant and has guided me through everything.

My advice for someone starting a business

Just go for it, take the plunge and with the help of Antrim Enterprise, they will guide in the right direction.

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