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Inspiration from the women around her, helped Joanne start up her online space

Being inspired by so many women around her, for many different reasons and from all walks of life encouraged Joanne Campbell to start up her online business. At the minute she sells products mostly made in NI using natural ingredients that are kind to the skin, the body and overall wellbeing of the person using them. She plans on sharing information and advice on every day life experiences relevant to women and educate and inspire more of them to value themselves, love themselves and take good care of themselves on
mental, physical and spiritual levels.

"It has been brewing in me for many years to start up my own business and last year’s lockdown provided me with plenty of time to mull over my future and what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. I’ve been inspired by so many women around me, for many different reasons and from all walks of life but mostly for the love and sisterhood that we all have in us to survive and give support to each other when we most need it. I want to give something back, play a role in supporting women as well as earn a living in my own way and in my own time."

Joanne Campbell

What challenges has Joanne faced to date ?

Mostly juggling everything going on in my life and fitting in everything that I would like to achieve! It
has been tough at times juggling a part-time job, being a full-time mummy with limited childcare and trying set up my business in which I am doing everything myself.

How would you describe your Business Start Up Coach

Super supportive, super helpful, very knowledgeable, engaging and did a lot of research in the background on my behalf.

How to avail of the Business Start Up Coaching Programme

Joanne received coaching under Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council's Business Start Up Coaching Programme.

The programme which runs until June 2021, is available to anyone within the borough, who has completed a business plan under the Go For It programme

For further details on Go For It

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