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Since I was 13 years of age I have been thinking about starting my own advertising and marketing business as have always had a passion for it and found it so interesting.

So, that is what I did. I started up my business and secured clients but then the pandemic hit and I realised the timing was just not right so I went looking for and secured employment but still had the idea in my head so I decided that I could perhaps run my own business and remain in work, which is exactly what I have done.

David Baxter

What inspired me to join the Exploring Enterprise Programme

A previous boss once told me that starting a business is possible if you actually strive for it and this thought has stayed with me every since.

My family and friends have always pushed me to give it a try as I have shared my ideas with them and they believe I can do it which has helped me so much, knowing that their support is there.

How the Programme helped me

I learnt a lot from the programme. Just being able to discuss my idea with someone who knew what they were talking about was very mind opening for me and enabled me to think about what I needed to do and how I was going to do it.

Key achievements from the Programme

Completing the programme and gaining my CEA Level 1 Certificate in Understanding Business Enterprise as well as securing employment and at the same time starting my own business.

I have built myself back up and found my way around the obstacles and with the increased confidence that I have, I know now is the right time.

Where I am now

I have set up my social media pages and have got business cards printed and have developed a portfolio to take to perspective clients.

How I found the support from Antrim Enterprise Agency

I would recommend Antrim Enterprise to anyone who is thinking about setting up their own business.

I got so much support that I needed to get my business back up and running again.

My advice for someone starting a business

Ideas are only ideas until you actually try them. I sat around for years not knowing what to do and now look where I am.

Find something that you are passionate about and that you will enjoy and just go for it.

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