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I am 29 years old and always had an interest in plumbing since I left school. I completed all the relevant courses and gained my plumbing qualifications and have served my time as a plumber.

However after going down another path and being made redundant recently, I decided to reignite my interest in plumbing once again and went and completed a refresher course and decided it was now time to go out on my own.

I have also wanted to work for myself and be in control and so what better way than to put my skills, knowledge and experience into my own plumbing/boiler maintenance business.

Ben Galloway

How beneficial was the Exploring Enterprise Programme to you

I got a real sense of what running a business is all about and what is required to move it forward.

As a result of the programme I now have more confidence in what is involved and knowledge on how to build my business.

My key achievements from the Programme

Completing the programme and achieving my CEA Level 1 Certificate in Understanding Business Enterprise.

In addition to this, it was reigniting my desire in what I really want to do and having the confidence to actually start the business and grow it to the stage where I can take on staff.

Where I am now

I am in the process of purchasing all the relevant equipment, developing my logo and workwear and setting up my business Facebook page.

How I found the support from Antrim Enterprise Agency

The support has been great - everyone helped me so much and started things moving. Now it is up to me to keep them moving.

My advice for someone starting a business

Never give up on your dream

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