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Big Design Architecture

“Architecture is more than just drawings on paper; it’s a medium through which we shape the world around us, create spaces that reflect our clients’ lives, and solve complex problems.” Azman Khairuddin, the owner and head architect of Big Design Architecture, has dedicated his career to this noble pursuit.         

From a young age, Azman’s passion for architecture was evident. Captivated by unique structures, television programs, and articles showcasing innovative designs, he knew that architecture was his calling. He gained valuable experience by working in architectural practices in South Wales and Belfast, where he honed his skills and witnessed the transformative power of architecture first-hand. It was during this period that Azman realized the importance of embracing inspiration from the characteristics of each location, allowing the building to harmoniously integrate into its surroundings.

The birth of Big Design Architecture stemmed from Azman’s desire to provide a truly personalized and creative approach to architectural design. Going beyond the traditional role of draftsmen, Azman and his team strive to deeply understand their clients. They delve into their daily rhythms, family dynamics, and unique preferences, enabling them to create spaces that truly resonate with their clients’ lives. Listening became a crucial skill that Azman and his team mastered, ensuring that each design is tailor-made for the client’s specific needs and desires.

Azman acknowledges the significant support he received in developing his business, which played a pivotal role in its growth. Through programs such as Go for It, he gained confidence and acquired the fundamental knowledge required to run a business effectively. Networking events hosted by Antrim Enterprise connected him with inspiring entrepreneurs who broadened his horizons and provided invaluable guidance. These experiences shaped Azman’s entrepreneurial mindset, empowering him to overcome his initial fears and pursue his passion wholeheartedly.


“Originally, I was terrified of business and no strong role models to follow. The biggest step was to decide to explore the idea of starting a business which drove me to go through the Go for It programme. That along with connecting with Antrim Enterprise gave me the boost I needed to make this happen”.

Big Design Architecture fills a crucial gap in the market by offering not only professional services but also problem-solving, creative thinking, and effective communication. What sets them apart is their ability to build strong relationships with their clients, going beyond the boundaries of a simple business transaction. Their clients often become friends, referring to them as “my friend who is an architect.” This close connection allows Azman and his team to gain deep insights into their clients’ lives, aspirations, and dreams, resulting in designs that surpass expectations.

The greatest achievement of Big Design Architecture lies in the satisfaction of their clients. When clients invite them back to witness their completed homes and express their heartfelt gratitude, it reaffirms the impact they have made in their clients’ lives. With a consistently high percentage of approved planning applications, Big Design Architecture’s success stems from providing honest advice and professional guidance. Their reputation is built on word-of-mouth recommendations and their ability to give honest and helpful advice. Since they have started in 2003, Big Design boasts a 97% approval rate of planning applications of their projects, most of which come from referrals within their network.

As Azman envisions the future of Big Design Architecture, he aims for both growth and selectivity. He seeks to expand the reach of his business while remaining focused on projects that align with their expertise, passion, and desired return. This delicate balance ensures that Big Design Architecture continues delivering exceptional results while maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction.

Running a business often demands tremendous dedication, which can take a toll on one’s health and well-being. Azman has learned the significance of managing his own health and well-being amidst the demands of entrepreneurship. Taking time to switch off, engage in hobbies like airsoft or canoeing adventures, and finding relaxation is essential. It rejuvenates the mind and promotes a holistic approach to life and work.

In conclusion, Azman Khairuddin’s journey with Big Design Architecture represents the embodiment of a creative vision, a client-centred approach, and a commitment to excellence. His dedication to listening, problem-solving, and building meaningful connections has nurtured a business that thrives on transforming lives through innovative, tailored designs. As we move forward, we are invited to join Azman on this extraordinary journey where architecture becomes a medium for shaping a brighter future.

Azman Khairuddin

Some of the support Big Design Architecture utilised during their entrepreneurial journey via Antrim Enterprise

Go For It Programme

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