Case Studies

  • The Cloak & Dagger Collective

    In the core of Antrim's pulse, a remarkable business voyage has left an indelible inked legacy on the local canvas spanning a decade. Pioneering this vibrant journey is entrepreneur extraordinaire, Stefan Getty. His visionary artistry and unwavering commitment have not only revolutionized the tattoo industry but have also inked a network of enterprises that epitomize the art of professionalism, innovation, and an unswerving quest for excellence.

  • Third Day Coffee

    In the heart of Antrim, a vibrant and spirited coffee culture has found its advocate in Liam Thompson, the driving force behind Third Day Coffee and Never Worry Coffee Roasters. With a passion that simmers like a freshly brewed cup of espresso, Liam's journey from barista to entrepreneur has brought a unique blend of Australian coffee culture and Northern Irish charm to his establishments.

  • Opal People Solutions

    Louise McGeady had dreams of  becoming a speech and language therapist. However, her path took a different turn when she discovered her passion for Human Resources during her studies at Ulster University, where she pursued a BSc in Human Communication and a Postgraduate Diploma in HR management.

  • Amber Catering & Cakes

    Amidst the local weekend markets of Northern Ireland, a family-owned business has been leaving a lasting impression on taste buds for years. Alan Burns and his wife, Debbie, are the creative minds and hardworking individuals behind Amber Catering & Cakes. Their story is one of dedication, resilience, and a true passion for creating exceptional culinary experiences.

  • Big Design Architecture

    "Architecture is more than just drawings on paper; it's a medium through which we shape the world around us, create spaces that reflect our clients' lives, and solve complex problems. Azman Khairuddin, the owner and head architect of Big Design Architecture, has dedicated his career to this noble pursuit."

  • Savvy & Shine Eco-Friendly Hair

    In today's world, where sustainability and ethical practices are becoming increasingly important, it is refreshing to see businesses that prioritize these values. One such business is Savvy & Shine, a haircare distributor based in Antrim Enterprise, led by the passionate and dedicated Joanna Maxwell.

  • Ke Nako Biltong… It’s time

    It’s time for Biltong! Ke Nako Biltong is a South African delight taking Ireland by storm.

  • K9 Walker Leading Way in Pet Care

    From swimming instructor in England to revolutionizing dog walking & care in Dunadry

  • Oak Tree Nurseries doing it right

    Nestled in the countryside outside of Crumlin, Co Antrim is Oaktree Nurseries, an exemplar of early year care & education. “It was refreshing to see a facility that thinks outside the box with children clearly at the centre of its operations” – local inspection authority.

  • When life gives you lemons…

    When Covid-19 hit, and local entrepreneurs Richard and Natalie Stewart found themselves being made redundant, that is exactly what they did when they turned their hobby and passion for wood-crafting into a business.

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